Congratulations to all teams taking part in the 60th Anniversary of the Elizabeth 7s. This year saw 18 teams competing in the senior draw on Saturday 23rd of September

Open Men’s
Burnside def Elizabeth in the grand final
Most valuable player – Sean Meredith (Burnside)

Open Women’s
Romas def Burnside in the grand final
Most Valuable player – Chloe Smith (Burnside)

Over 35’s
Elizabeth def Woodville in the grand final
Most Valuable player – Adam (Prickles) Fitzgerald (Elizabeth)

Also on display during the day, was the South Australian U15 Junior Gold team playing against ACT.  The boys have worked hard together over the last 9 weeks and have developed both on and off the pitch.

The U15s program is the toughest of all our state representative programs and we continue to lift our standards, year-in, year-out.

After a valiant first half, SA went into the break 19-5. SA were defeated 61 to 5.