The Australian Masters Games are returning to Adelaide on the long weekend in October 2019, Sat 5th Sun 6th, with rugby union games being played at Southern Suburbs.

In 2011, South Australia had approx 110 players participate and in 2015 we had approx 160 players.

The matches are played in a round robin style within the 2 age groups (Over 35 & Over 45) with the top 4 teams in each group playing off in their respective finals on the Sunday afternoon.

We are seeking expressions of interest from Clubs in Adelaide who might be interested in taking part in this competition. (Over 35s – any player turning 35 years in 2019 or Over 45 group, any player turning 45 in 2019.)

Each game will be played in 2 halves. O35s will play 2 x 20 min halves with a 5 min break between the halves. O45s will play 2 x 15 min halves with a 7 min break between the halves.

Teams will need to have a minimum number of players of 20 and a maximum number of 25 players to become registered.

If you or your Club is at all interested please email

An information evening will be held at Southern Suburbs Clubrooms on Wednesday 13th March at 6:30 pm. Please let us know if you intend attending this meeting.